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Wood Window Installation by Legit Roofing - Roofing Contractors serving Portland OR and Vancouver WAAlthough vinyl has become quite popular for all types of window and door construction, wood window installation still outranks it in some areas. This is especially true in regions like Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington and surrounding areas where people tend to appreciate natural living and conservation more.

5 Benefits of Wood Window Installation

  • Style – Wood frames give a certain traditional or rustic look to a home or establishment that may be difficult to realize with man-made materials. Also, wood provides the opportunity for creative property owners or artisans to paint, pattern, or even carve the window frames.
  • Longevity – Trees last decades or centuries, why not timber windows? The right type of timber, properly prepared and maintained, can last even longer than vinyl or PVC.
  • Ecologically Friendly – Not only is wood a natural material which can be renewed and recycled at the end of the windows life, it also takes a lot less energy and fuel to create a wood-framed window compared to a vinyl one. The production process also creates less waste and pollution overall.
  • Energy Savings – Wood insulates very well and when a property owner opts for timber windows installed, they are getting one of the best benefits possible. Because less cold and heat will leech out through the wood, energy bills may go down.
  • Affordability – Although wood windows are, on average, more expensive than other options, that does not mean they are priced out of most people’s budgets. Different varieties of wood cost different amounts. Talk with a knowledgeable contractor at Legit Roofing for more details.

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Wood Window Installation in Portland OR

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