3 – Tab Roof Shingles

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3-Tab Roof Shingles by Legit Roofing - roofing contractors serving Portland OR and Vancouver WAAlthough they are becoming less popular than other forms of roofing, 3-tab roof shingles are still an excellent, budget-friendly option for residential and commercial buildings. They may not be fancy, but the simple, clean look can match some home styles well. Popular with rental properties and on lower-price houses, three-tab roof shingles provide protection for years to come.

3-Tab Roof Shingles Explained

Each shingle has three tabs connected with a side strip that ends up underneath the tabs on the next shingle that is installed on the roof. These tabs are all the same size and color with limited variation. This gives the roof a smooth, one-dimensional appearance similar to asphalt bricks.

Why Choose Three-Tab Roof Shingles?

The main reason most property owners choose this variety of roofing is their budget. The 3-tab design is generally less expensive than variegated architectural shingles and other roof materials. The material is also thinner overall, which adds to the lower initial price. It is an immediate cost savings that can help landlords get into profit more quickly and help homeowners have a safe and leak free house without breaking the bank.

Those who enjoy a clean, minimalistic style to their home can also appreciate 3-tab roof shingles for their even appearance. The entire roof will be a single color without variation and ever tile the same size and shape. Since these shingles come in a variety of hues, it is easy for the property owner to get the right look even without spending a lot of money.

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3 – Tab Roof Shingles in Portland OR

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