Common Roof Upgrades

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Common Roof Upgrades and Roof Improvements by Legit Roofing -serving Portland OR and Vancouver WAEvery single-family house and multi-unit dwelling needs a roof that protects the people and property within, helps to avoid excessive expenses or maintenance over its lifespan, and looks good in the community. Common roof upgrades we at Legit Roofing are happy to provide for customers can help homeowners achieve the look they want and reduce headaches involved with property maintenance as well.

3 of the Best Roof Improvements to Consider

  • Upgrade #1 – Drip flashing has the same purpose as the flashing used around chimneys and skylights, but it is specifically used to prevent water dripping down the eaves from gaining access to the interior of the home. This is one place on the roof where wood may rot or deteriorate more quickly and this roof enhancement can help.
  • Upgrade #2 –Water and airtight chimney caps keep the home safe from nesting birds, bats, insect invasions, and melting snow or rainwater that try to gain access through the chimney or vent tubes. The simplest is a screen. Small angled roofs over the chimney take care of water. There are even ones that fit tightly over the opening and are removed by pulling a chain inside the fireplace in order to start a fire.
  • Upgrade #3 – Low maintenance gutters help water move quickly off of the roof and down to a convenient spot on the ground where it will not impact the family or landscaping. What makes these excellent roof upgrades is that they have a special screen or lip on top so leaves, small branches, and other debris flow off the edge instead of getting stuck inside.

These common roof upgrades can help any home be more secure with a longer-lasting and more leak-free roof. Although the home repair budget may increase slightly at first, the savings realized by these roof improvements will pay off in the end.

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Common Roof Upgrades in Portland OR

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