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Commercial Roof Cleaning and Maintenance by Legit Roofing - Roofing Contractors serving Portland OR and Vancouver WARoof cleaning and maintenance for commercial buildings is frequently a greater undertaking than for a residential home. Since many business roofs are flat or only slightly sloped, debris can gather more easily on it and water could puddle and pool. This makes roofing services that much more important on a regular basis. The employees, equipment, and inventory associated with companies housed within depend on it.

How Roof Cleaning and Maintenance Works

For angled roofs, the commercial process occurs in the same way it would for a residential home. Loose debris like branches, dead leaves, and other items are removed first manually. Then, the shingles may be power washed or cleaned in an alternate manner.

Flat commercial groups get a similar treatment, but additional steps may be taken. Since the workers do not have to worry about equipment falling off the roof, and the surfaces are usually larger, they may use machines that scrub the roof similar to a floor cleaner.

4 Reasons Roofing Services are Important

A commercial property owner may consider their roof out of sight, out of mind, but proper cleaning and maintenance are essential for various reasons.

  • A clean roof simply looks better. If any part of the roofing material is visible from the ground, it reflects on the business as a whole. Consumers may be less likely to hire a company who cannot keep its own property clean.
  • Roof cleaning and maintenance reduces the chance of damage to any type of material used on top of the building. While branches can pry up shingles or poke holes in membranes, even dust and grime can become a place for mold and moss to take hold.
  • For some types of roofs, removing dark stains can actually increase energy efficiency for the building. This is especially true of buildings that are topped by pale tiles, asphalt, or white synthetic membranes. These reflect the heat of the sun unless they were coated with gray or black dirt.
  • Part of the roof cleaning process may include applying chemical or natural solutions to discourage fungus and plant growth, insect colonies, or sealants to help maintain the roof’s watertight barrier. These additions make future maintenance much easier.

Commercial property managers do not usually want to cut into their profits with building maintenance or service. However, the cost of a brand-new roof due to damage or time and wear will be more expensive than proper cleaning on a regular schedule. Hire a reputable commercial roofing expert like Legit Roofing to identify potential issues and solve them with our wide selection of roofing services in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas.

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