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No roof lasts forever, and over time the wear and tear it endures will result in the need for reroofing services. When reroofing a house or business, thorough roof removal is needed to ensure proper installation of the new roof.
If you are in need of reroof, roof tear-off or roof removal services in the Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR areas, call Legit Roofing for your no obligation, same day quote. We are dedicated to providing affordable roofing services for all of our valued customers in the greater Portland area.

How much of your roof should you tear off?

When the time to reroof your home comes, it is in your best interest to completely remove all roofing, down to the roofing structure. Completely removing the aged roof allows for a comprehensive inspection of the quality and status of the roof’s structure. This inspection will highlight any potential issues with your roof’s structure and any structural damage that may need immediate repairs. Proper roof removal and roof structure inspection will ensure your new roof installation will be of the highest quality, guaranteed to stand strong against water, wind and the other harsh elements in the Pacific Northwest.

What is the best time to reroof?

Many people ask if putting a new roof over an existing roof is ever acceptable. In short, the answer is no. It is difficult to conduct a proper reroof without the complete removal of the damaged roof, and many roofing manufacturers will not honor warranties with roofs that have been installed in this fashion. If you ever chose to sell your home, potential buyers will avoid purchasing a home with a roof over a roof. Furthermore, many places have laws that do not allow such roofing practices.
Legit Roofing would be happy to complete your reroofing project in a professional, and timely manner. We take pride in the superior quality roofing services we provide and we are committed to providing you a roof that will extend its life expectancy. The reroofing services we provide are guaranteed to increase the value of your home and while maintaining its integrity. Call Legit Roofing for more information about our reroofing, roof removal and roof tear-off services.

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