Roof Moss Removal

roof moss control removal treatment legit roofing vancouver wa portland orRoof cleaning is necessary, especially for those in the Pacific Northwest due to the environmental conditions and unruly cold season weather. In this part of the country roof moss is an issue that requires action. For proficient roof moss control and roof moss treatment in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR areas, call Legit Roofing now to schedule an appointment today!

Moss Removal & Treatment

If you are experiencing moss growth on your roof, it is causing damage that should be addressed immediately. The roots of the moss damages your roof by slowly deteriorating the shingles then eventually the roof structural support if left unattended. Moss also causes your roof to rot because it maintains moisture that is continuously exposed to the shingles and wood support.
Legit Roofing is experienced in moss removal and treatment services. When you call us to remove the moss from your roof, you can be rest assured the job will be done well and right the first time. We will begin by using special rakes and tools to remove the moss from your roof by hand. Once the moss has been completely removed, we will apply a special chemical that kills off any remaining moss spores or fragments and provides resistance to the development of more roof moss.
Our roof moss removal and treatment services are eco friendly and extremely effective in getting the job done. Once Legit Roofing is complete with our roof moss treatment, your roof moss issue will be a problem no longer. This service will literally save your roof, and help extend its life significantly. Failure to address roof moss issues can result in thousands of dollars of damage to your roof and the wooden structure of your property.

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Moss Removal and Treatment Packages

We proudly offer packaged solutions for your moss treatment and removal needs. The moss removal and treatment packages we provide range from preventative moss treatment, to removal of a substantial amount of moss. Below is a table with an overview of our moss treatment and removal packages depending on the moss control needs of your particular roof.

This package was designed for little to no moss growth. The treatment will kill off any new moss growth and prevent future growth.

Roof Moss Removal Service: Not Included
Preventative Chemical Treatment: Included
Area Clean Up: N/A

This package was designed for modest moss growth of a year or less for properties up to 2000sq ft. We also offer a gutter cleaning discount if purchased with this package.

Roof Moss Removal Service: Up to 3 hours or moss removal service
Preventative Chemical Treatment: Included
Area Clean Up: N/A Included

This package was designed for substantial moss removal and includes a gutter cleaning discount if purchased with this package. This is for homes that are 2500sq ft and bigger.

Roof Moss Removal Service: Up to 6 hours or moss removal service
Preventative Chemical Treatment: Included
Area Clean Up: N/A Included

Moss Removal and Treatment FAQs

How long can I expect the moss preventative treatment to last?

The growth of moss on your roof is influenced by many factors including the environment you live in and the amount of exposure to trees and the sun. Moss thrives in wet places with little light, and if your property is situated in such a place, it will return faster than a home that is located in an area that gets regular sun exposure. The preventative treatment significantly slows moss development and growth however, regular preventative maintenance may be needed depending on where your home is located.

Will pressure washing my roof remove the moss?

This is a common question, and unfortunately pressure washing a roof is not unheard of as some companies do offer this service. However, pressure washing a roof is not a good idea as it can add further damage to your roof. Depending on the roof’s condition, pressure washing could cause permanent extensive damage.

Is moss removal and treatment environmentally friendly?

Legit Roofing always strives to be environmentally aware of how of our services impact the world. We do our best to ensure that the compounds we use in addition to the equipment and resources are always efficient and conservative.

How much does moss control services cost?

The cost of Legit Roofing’s moss control services depends on numerous factors which we would be happy to discuss with you. We encourage you to contact us with all questions either directly by phone or through our website.

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