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Home Roofing

No roof lasts forever and eventually your home will need a new roof. It is in your best interest to completely remove all old roofing for a thorough inspection of the quality and status of the roof’s structure.
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HardieShingle Siding is a traditional and timeless upgrade to any homes exterior, originally inspired by Cape Code style homes, many homeowners have used shingle siding to break up the monotony of normal lap siding.
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Skylight Installation

Skylights can give your property the feeling of a spacious living area without sacrificing privacy. Adding skylights can reduce energy costs, providing natural sunlight and decreasing electricity use.
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Leaking Roof Detection

Legit Roofing will help you maintain your roof's integrity to avoid costly water and moisture damage. There are preventative measures you can take to protect your home from potential leaks.
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Storm Damage Repair

Rooftop storm damage should be addressed as quickly as possible. Failure to address storm damage in a timely manner can result in extensive structural damage and expensive repairs.
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Gutter Repair

Excessively rainy weather results in debris buildup on roofs , and clogged gutters. Common rain gutter repairs include sagging or clogged gutters, damaged downspouts and leaky gutter corners.
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Gutter Installation

With the Pacific NW's high precipitation, homes in this area require high quality gutter systems to prevent costly water damage repairs. Legit Roofing installs a large range of gutter types and colors.
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Moss Removal

Moss roots damage your roof by slowly deteriorating the shingles, eventually letting moisture damage the roof structure. Moss also holds moisture, causing your roof to rot.
Roof Leak Repair

Roof Leak Repair

Roof leaks can cause major damage to the structure of your home. No matter what caused the roof leak, Legit Roofing can provide you with a thorough inspection, accurate leak diagnosis, expert roof repair and a preventative roof maintenance plan.
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Commercial Roofing

If you are a commercial business in need of superior roofing services in the Portland, OR, or Vancouver, WA areas, look no further as Legit Roofing has the professionalism and integrity to perform affordable, high quality commercial roofing services for your business.

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